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Virgil Alexander was born and raised in rural Arizona. He grew up in the outdoors shooting, hunting, fishing, hiking, and riding his family’s horses. He loved exploring historic places and studying western history. He had an interest in law enforcement because many members of his family were law officers. His neighbors were ranchers, miners, and small town merchants and officials. His friends came from among those families and included Hispanics, Apaches, and descendants of immigrants who came from all over Europe. He worked for a major international mining company, traveling all over the United States and in South America, Canada, and Europe.

These experiences are all reflected in his stories, mysteries set in small town and rural Arizona, often reflecting the natural and human history of the area. His first book, The Wham Curse, introduced Deputies Bren Allred and Manny Sanchez, and San Carlos Apache Tribal Policeman Al Victor. These officers are also the protagonists in Saints & Sinners and his newest mystery The Baleful Owl.  He is also working on the non-fiction Ranching in the Heart of Arizona, a history of ranches in Gila County, Arizona.

His uncles were deputy sheriffs, one was a long-time chief-deputy, and his dad was an active reserve officer and member of the search and rescue team. Other close relatives worked in law enforcement for Border Patrol, town police, highway patrol, and state narcotics division. 
Alexander continues to live in Arizona with his wife, where he is retired from mining. His work experience has taken him on extended business trips to most of the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, and Europe. He attended Eastern Arizona College, Arizona State University, and University of Phoenix. He holds a Control Engineering Certification and a bachelor's degree in Business Management. He has taught academic and vocational classes for Eastern Arizona and Gila Pueblo College.

He grew up with Latino and Apache friends. He taught college classes on the San Carlos Apache Reservation, as well as doing volunteer church work, helping with Scouting, and assisting to establish an Explorer Post there. His intimate knowledge of rural and small town culture and Arizona history is reflected in his writing, and his exposure to rural law enforcement adds realism to his stories.


Saints & Sinners
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The Baleful Owl
A sophisticated high dollar theft ring centers around a unique Baleful Owl effigy.
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