Author Bouton, MarkMark Bouton

Was an FBI agent for 30 years, working in New York, Chicago, Puerto Rico, Texas, and Kansas. I nabbed killers, kidnappers, and bank robbers, and I played a key role in solving the Oklahoma City bombing. Now I write suspense novels, with five published. I like showing readers what cops and FBI agents do. And I wrote a non-fiction book titled How to Spot Lies Like the FBI. In it, you'll learn how to read faces, bodies, and verbal indicators to identify fibs.

My novels have explored organized crime, government hit men, racist plots, cybercrime, movie lore, religious mysticism, satanic cults, and cosmology. I enjoy telling readers what I've learned about life and the way individuals act in stressful and comic situations. As Oscar Wilde said, "Life is too important to be taken seriously." But we can examine it, laugh and learn, and then just shake our heads.

I also like to read, lift weights, go for walks, play my electric guitar, contemplate the universe and talk to groups about my writing projects and ways to spot lies. I live in Kansas on a horse ranch. My website is

The Sacrifice
The FBI must trick the bloodthirsty cultists and stop the ceremony before...[read more]