Author Caplin, DonDon Caplin

Donald Caplin’s first publication was at age 12, when he guest-wrote two columns for Art Buchwald. His entire family was in the writing business, including uncle Al Capp (“Li’l Abner”) and a father and sister who wrote syndicated cartoons.

A holder of two degrees from Harvard, he has been a business writer and teacher for most of his career. Don has co-authored a number of business books, including “Keeping Customers for Life” (AMACOM) and “Connecting with People” (Swiatek Associates). He published a customer service newsletter, and is the former Boston correspondent for “Money” magazine.

He began writing fiction in 1994, and now at the age of 67, is one of the Nation’s oldest new published novelists. He lives in Waltham, MA, with wife Sondra, and plays bridge as often as he can.

Sports Therapy for the Mediocre
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