Author Chausee, MartaMarta Chausee

A Southern California native, Marta has been many things-- junk mail envelope stuffer, foreign language teaching assistant, hotel boutique owner, forensic document examiner, corporate wife, mother, mental health therapist and life coach. Put those experiences in a blender and see what you get.

Marta is a wanderer with a history of foolhardy adventures. She crossed the Sahara in a beat down, rusty old Jeep with three friends and fifteen crazed Moroccans. Once, out of funds, she stowed away in the luggage rack of a train compartment from Gibraltar to Madrid. A while ago, she lost all sense of time while exploring Alexandria, Egypt. Finding herself in a neighborhood where goats and sheep grazed in dirt lots next to 1930s moderne skyscrapers, she looked up, and got the idea that maybe she wasn't in Kansas, anymore. Two handsome angels, disguised as Egyptians in western garb, guided her back to the harbor, just as day turned to night.

Prone to rescue pets and people, she takes chances, long walks, and longer bike rides. Most days, she dances though her life.

Murder's Last Resort
Threats, kidnapping, and a bullet wound aren’t enough to discourage her...[read more]