Author Collett, Deb

Debra Collett was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois. She's old enough to remember the woods before Northwoods Mall was built, who Reddy Kilowatt is, when gas was under a dollar, and she didn't "turn the lights off" in the 80's recession because she never left town. Writing poetry doesn't pay the bills! To support her literary habits, Ms. Collett has engaged in the following for shelter and clothing: hot dog cart vendor, executive administrative assistant, nurses' aide, doughnut baker, stall mucker, cashier, waitress, on-call guru girl for an investment company, and operations manager for an automotive business. Somewhere between part-time jobs, she actually graduated from college - once in 1992 with an Associates of Arts in English from Illinois Central College, and again in 2010 with a B.S. in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute. Deb lives with her family in a little house with a big garden.

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