About Crossley, Dac

Born in Kingsville, Texas.  U. S. Navy 1945-1946.  PhD (Entomology), University of Kansas.  Ecologist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1956-1967. Professor  (Ecology),  University of Georgia, 1967-1998. Now retired.

Growing up in South Texas, I roamed the brush country and enjoyed the seasonal changes in scrub and animals, horned toads and red ants. Learned to hunt and fish with friends from the King Ranch, where I enjoyed Hispanic culture. Steeped in Texas history and traditions by my old pioneer family.

My genre is historic fiction set in South Texas, where the old west persisted into the 1920’s with undeclared border wars and Mexican bandits.  My grandfather fought bandits, his father fought Indians.  I grew up with sons of Texas Rangers and spent hours listening to their fathers.  I am well versed in South Texas history and culture.  I enjoy bringing that history and background to life in my fiction.  My settings are real and my characters drawn from experience.


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Guns of the Texas Ranger
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Revenge of the Texas Ranger
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