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I am an up-and-coming new writer. At 71 years-old, I have made a successful living as a musician/entertainer for the last 52 years. I was born in Dayton OH., but grew up in Denver CO. I graduated from South High School in 1960, with another year at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Besides Ohio and Colorado, I have lived in Florida, Maine, Arizona and California.

After graduating high school, I immediately started playing music in night clubs. My dog, Freckles, was my constant companion from age 7 to 19, until I left home to become a big name recording star. (Freckles lived another 4 years, living with my father. Obviously, I never became a star, but my music has taken me to 66 countries and 49 states. I have met literally thousands of people in my travels, working in hotels, night clubs, resorts, and on major cruise lines. And now, I want to be a novelist when I grow up.

I now reside in Miamisburg, OH, with my wife, Bethany, a nurse, (and prospective writer) two cats, Sox and Samm-e, a collie dog, Soda, and our newest critter, a mutt named Sally. My daughter, Amy, works in movie and TV production in New Mexico. I still play various piano, and trio jobs in the Dayton/Cincinnati area.

Jack of Harts

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