Author O'Hagan, John C.John C. Hagan

John O’Hagan is an amateur historian who specializes in the Spanish and Mexican eras of California. Having grown up on the central California Coast he very early on developed a life-long love affair with the California Missions. He is a member of the California Mission Studies Association (CMSA). For the past several years he has been a speaker at the annual meeting of CMSA, delivering talks on various aspects of the Missions. He most recently delivered a presentation at the Museum of the American Indians in Sacramento California on the Impact of the Missions on California Natives.            

He has lectured extensively on the Missions, done a variety of educational programs on them and has led tours of them for people from throughout the United States.

He is a partner with the “Saint Francis and the America’s” project at Arizona State University that project provides a multi- disciplinary  forum for students, scholars and researchers to examine the impact the spirit of Francis of Assisi, and the Franciscans have had on the new world. John recently published on their site an article;  “How 142 Franciscan Friars kept the Russians out of California.”

John lives in Boise, Idaho and travels frequently to California to keep current on the happenings at his beloved missions.