Author Horn, Olga

I was born in Wishnewchik, Ukraine. When the German army invaded our village they took us by cattle train to Germany and where put in the concentration camp. When the war ended and the American army relocated us to Mittenwald in the middle of the Alps by the Rhine River. I was a happy child always exploring the mountains, the forests and meadows which gotten me in trouble. In 1950 we came to America, it was quite an experience for me. Ten days on a ship and being sick nine days out of ten.

I always enjoyed writing whenever I have a chance, mostly about Ukraine and the area where I was born. It is a pleasure to tell the history to my grandchildren of their heritage. I was married thirty two years before my husband passed away. I have two children and five grandchildren.



Olha goes back in time to the tenth century, when the Tatars, Mongols and Turkish hordes roamed the steppes of Ukraine, only to find...[read more]