Author Lovin, DaleDale Lovin

The history, culture and physical beauty of the West shaped the life of Dale Lovin who was born and raised in Northern New Mexico. Dale spent twenty-five years as an Agent with the FBI and concluded his law enforcement career by helping to establish the Federal Air Marshal Service. He then turned his energy to writing. While living all over the nation, the Southwest and Rocky Mountains remained an alluring and powerful influence that is now reflected in his writing.

The majority of Dale's career was spent in investigations of violent crimes. Drawing upon experiences and characters from these years, he crafted a novel of suspense, The Mirror in the River. This story delves into the world of human trafficking and exploitation. His second novel, Strangers, Lovers and the Winds of Time (August 2014 release), takes the reader into the dark world of white-supremacist hate groups. Both stories utilize Colorado and New Mexico as the stage where the region's majesty, history and weather become living characters.

Dale lives in Colorado where hiking and fly-fishing are integral to his life. He and his wife have three children -- all of whom appear in his writing.

Strangers, Lovers, and the Winds of Time
When brutal assaults target a former prosecutor in Los Angeles...[read more]