Author Luce, WalterWalter Luce

I was born in Vermont where I still spend my summers. I have been a successful real estate developer in Florida, Georgia, and California. I live in the Palm Springs, California area with my wife Bonnie, where I wrote my first novel of five, Eva Pennington. I am the oldest of seven and graduated from Braintree Randolph Union High School in 1962, and attended Miami Dade Junior college. I was honorably discharged from the Army in 1967.

My hobbies are writing, running and golf.

Atlanta Exit
In 1970, Turk Donatelli left the mob-controlled city of Miami... Turk...[read more]
Eva III: Damsels of Diversion
Born unwanted because she is a girl instead of a boy, into a banking empire...[read more]

Eva Pennington
Suspenseful, riveting, as brilliant, vivacious women take on the banking industry..[read more]
Eva Pennington: Trouble in Georgia
While expanding her banking empire into Georgia, Eva clashes with devious Atlanta good-old-boys...[read more]
Miami Exit
Turk Donatelli, self-made millionaire at twenty-four, earned his money skirting the edges of Miami Beach underworld...[read more]
Vermont Bound
Turk tried walking away from it all, but his dwindling bank balance pulls him back..[read more]