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My writing career (non-fiction) began when I was old enough to join AARP, and didn't expand into fiction writing for a number of years after that. Yes, a journalism and feature writing career was satisfying, even fun. It was great to see my work in print and know others were reading what I had researched and shared in published articles and a non-fiction book, DEAR EARTH: A Love Letter from Spring Hollow, as well as a broadcast journalist. But then I thought, hmmm, I love reading mysteries, could I write one? Why not try? Well . . . fiction writing turned out to be the most fun of all.

People often ask me where Carrie McCrite and Henry King came from. Truth is, they just "came," like friends newly introduced. I got to know both of them better as I wrote their stories until, now that novel number seven is here, (A FAIR to Die For) I feel very close to both of them. Sure, I live in a make-believe world while I'm writing, but that's true of most, if not all, fiction writers. If I don't feel the emotions my characters are experiencing, how can I expect readers to?

I'm grateful to say my writing has earned recognition and a number of awards because that, along with reader-fans who write me, affirms that I am accomplishing something worth while. Isn't that, after all, our goal in life, no matter what avenue we use to accomplish it? I firmly believe those who have been here on earth for a spell have a wealth of observations and ideas to draw on for their writing. And, the longer we live, the more of this wealth we have to share. As for research necessary to write about Carrie and Henry's adventures? Well, who could ask for more fun? Friendships made with "research assistants" at each location are a huge plus that I hadn't expected at start-up. Friendships with readers, met in person and on the Internet, are another valued plus.

My second career as a writer has turned out to be "To Die For!" (Used in the positive sense, of course) and it's something everyone can enjoy along with me as they read my novels. So, welcome to the adventure!


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