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Joe Nowlan is an author (and freelance business writer & editor) who was born in New York City and now lives in Boston.

His latest effort is "The Zyratron Affair." Zyratron was the main "character" is a trio of fairly awful made-in-Japan black & white horror movies released in the early 1960s. The film's producers tried to market a line of Zyratron figurines that went nowhere. Decades later, as TV channels are desperate for programming, the Zyratron films are aired in the middle of the night and soon find a small but dedicated following. Eventually, that line of Zyratron figurines become valuable to toy the point that someone is killing to get their hands on them. "The Zyratron Affair" tells the tale of these murders and the lengths to which the murderously serious collectors go to get a "real" Zyratron figurine -- as opposed to counterfeit, knockoff Zyratrons that begin to surface.

His first novel, "Media Blitz," tells the story of what happens when someone is going around Boston killing members of the city's media.

Media Blitz
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The Zyratron Affair
Zyratron, "Star” of 1960s horror movies made in Japan, met with minimal success. The producers marketed figurines of the robot-like monster but...[read more]