Author Ransdell, D. R.

D.R. Ransdell grew up in Springfield, Illinois, but she hides out from cold weather in Tucson, Arizona. She especially appreciates the sunny afternoons and perfect swimming weather. She moonlights in a mariachi band, which gives her plenty of ideas for murder victims. Her mystery series features mariachi musician Andy Veracruz (Mariachi Murder and Island Casualty). During the school season she teaches composition to international students. When vacation starts, she hits the road, leaving behind several mischievous cats. Thanks to beaches and bouzouki music, Greece is a frequent destination. Read more at

Island Casualty
Andy accepts the invitation of a friend who is working at a tavern on a Greek island. He’s hoping Rachel can help, but...[read more]
Mariachi Murder
An alluring woman, a guilty conscience, and a mariachi band in jeopardy add up to Mariachi Murder!...[read more]

Dizzy in Durango
Missing women, abandoned children and a crazy mariachi band add up to further trouble for Andy Veracruz...[read more]