Author Rush, TanisRush Tanis

I live in Northwest Georgia with my family. I love melancholy music, funny/thrilling/sad movies, and goofy love stories. I have a bachelors degree in commercial art. I paint, sing in the choir, and work in the garden. I am a 'wheel watcher' and can get carried away on the slot machines in any casino. I am a mass of contradictions and yet I am mostly logical in my thinking.

I have hundreds of stories in my head (some good, some not), but they tend to carry on lives of their own in my imagination. Hopefully, I will get most of them down on paper and possibly some of them in print, so that my imagination can get some rest! I have loved and lost.

No husband, no children, unless you count my elderly parents that I take care of (and who carry on like the worst of children at times!). I have many friends and hope to make many more in the very near future.

I am a writer.

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