Author Scarborough, SteveSteve Scarborough

Steve Scarborough is an author and retired Forensic Scientist with over 30 years experience in Law Enforcement with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (yes, the CSI) and the FBI. He is an accomplished technical writer with almost 30 articles in trade magazines and professional journals. Including the article, "Getting the Forensic Facts Right," for The Writer that also appeared in the Writer's Handbook. In addition to his murder mystery, he also has two published humor books, "Not Tonight Dear, I have a Computer" and "The Hired Defense Witness Jokebook." Steve has given lectures and presentations at law enforcement conferences on many forensic topics and talks at writer's conferences. Steve has been recognized nationally and internationally (Interpol) for his contributions to forensic science. He is a certified fingerprint expert and was also acknowledged as an expert in digital imaging at the International Forensic Science Symposium in Lyon, France. His new novel, Scrafitto, is a murder mystery set in Costa Rica.
Steve grew up in Long Beach, and now lives in Las Vegas with his wife, a teacher, and two college age daughters.

After fleeing the States, ex-homicide cop Mitch Sharp now has a great life in a Costa Rican resort town...[read more]