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Mary Montague Sikes grew up near the bloody Civil War battlefields of Central Virginia where thousands died. Those early years in a landscape where tears still flowed sparked her interest in the psychic and the paranormal that carries over into her writing today.

Sikes loves to travel, especially to the Caribbean and Jamaica where she discovered the legend of the White Witch of Rose Hall Great House that inspired her first novel, Hearts Across Forever. More psychic encounters in Sedona, Arizona led to her novel, Eagle Rising. Adventures in Antigua became the book, Secrets by the Sea. Then, an escapade in Trinidad developed into the story of Night Watch. Her love of "Indiana Jones" type quests took her to the Maya Ruins of Palenque and eventually directed her to write Jungle Jeopardy.

Always looking for new writing challenges and adventures, Sikes currently is visiting some of the most picturesque National Parks of the west with plans to paint and write about them. Her travels and paintings could result in another coffee table book similar to Hotels to Remember which she researched and developed a few years ago.


A Rainbow for Christmas
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Daddy's Christmas Angel
When Kathleen learns she will be an angel in the class Christmas play, the seven-year-old plots a meeting between her attractive teacher...[read more]
Eagle Rising
Still mourning her fiance, Rachael’s editor sends her to cover a New Age novelist in Sedona, where she meets Derek, who is also coping with grief...[read more]

Evening of the Dragonfly
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Hearts Across Forever
Kathryn Calder's unexpected job assignment to Jamaica changes her life...[read more]
Hotels to Remember
A beautiful picture book featuring twenty of the world's most memorable hotels.... text, art and photographs by Monti Sikes...[read more]
Hilltop House
Virginia artist and author Mary Montague Sikes shows landmark Harpers Ferry, WV hostelry, Hilltop House, in pastels, photographs and descriptive text...[read more]
The Homestead
Virginia artist and author Mary Montague Sikes shows landmark Hot Springs, VA hostelry, The Homestead, in pastels, photographs and descriptive text...[read more]
Hotel du Pont
Virginia artist and author Mary Montague Sikes shows landmark Wilmington, Delaware hostelry, Hotel du Pont, in pastels, photographs and descriptive text...[read more]
The Jefferson Hotel
Virginia artist and author Mary Montague Sikes shows landmark Richmond, VA hostelry, The Hotel Jefferson, in pastels, photographs and descriptive text...[read more]
Jungle Jeopardy
When Dana realizes Clifton is missing, she takes off for Costa Rica to find him. An apparent kidnapping turns into...[read more]
Night Watch
From the moment Lily’s plane lands in tropical Trinidad, things go awry. She planned for rest, relaxation and photography...[read more]
Scenic James River
Virginia artist and author Mary Montague Sikes shows historic sites along the James River in Virginia, including Evelyn Plantation, Shirley Plantation...[read more]
Secrets by the Sea
Stunned to learn that her grandfather’s body had washed onto an Antigua beach...[read more]
Williamsburg Inn
Sikes details the design conception, construction and numerous renovations which create the classic...[read more]