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Born in Chicago and raised in southern California the eldest daughter of six children, I began writing to express my feelings about chaotic life in a large family. I developed an eating disorder in my pre-teens. My love for dogs became my passion and therapy; the bond between me and my dog helped me open my heart to unconditional love. As an adult, I married and had a son, my love for him motivated me to go to college where I received an A.A. degree in Child Development. At twenty-seven I suffered cardiac arrest due to anorexia and bulimia. After a year long hospital stay, my husband divorced me. Once I realized the devastation the divorce had on my nine year old son, I allowed my ex-husband to take our dog when he moved away. My heart ached for the unconditional love my dog gave me.

I relocated to a sleepy central coast town where I could safely walk on the beach and enjoy the comforts of a small town life. I returned to college fifteen years later and received a B.S in Family Studies. Yearning to have a dog again, I knew my physical limitations prevented me from caring for one. Then I met a woman who told me about Service Dogs. After twenty years of praying for the right dog, a year and a half of fundraising to pay for a dog and two years of training, Jetta wiggled into my heart and life.

Due to my love for children and dogs, I realized I needed to improve my writing and share my stories and experience with others. I attended six years of college writing classes, workshops and conferences, and studied dog behavior extensively. The close bond Jetta and I shared inspired me to find her voice and share her love with the world. Jetta's Journey is written from Jetta's point of view beginning from puppyhood. Currently I am completing the final touches on the sequel, which covers Jetta's journey into retirement. Towards the end of Jetta's time with us, her protege Bud entered our life. Jetta trained Bud well! Just wait until you hear Bud's story; you'll fall in love with my sensitive boy from his rambunctious puppy personality, our challenges with training including his own disabilities, to his maturation into a dedicated service dog. Above all, you'll feel the love and devotion Bud and I share with each other.

Jetta's Journey
Life of a service dog..
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