Author Weeks, Denise

Denise Weeks is a graduate of Plano Senior High (Tx) and Southern Methodist University. She has worked as a software engineer, technical writer, and mathematics teacher. She is also an accomplished amateur pianist and an avid trivia player. She and her husband live in a northern suburb of Dallas with their pets, including a yappy Pomeranian and Denise's elderly mother.

She counts among her accomplishments: being one of eight finalists in the 2008 Scotch Brand Most Gifted (Gift) Wrapper contest at Rockefeller Center in NYC; ranking 2nd and 4th with essays in the Robert Benchley Essay Contest; making the finals of the Dallas News Christmas Cookie Baking contest most years; and playing three out of the six Schubert Moments Musical.

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She writes:
I have been at this writing stuff since I could hold a crayon. However, my first attempts at fiction were met with displeasure from my mother. She said my stories (verbal and written) counted as "lying," so I was frequently spanked and shamed over these efforts. But it didn't deter me, and soon my teachers were being charmed by my flights of fancy. Of course teachers are far easier to impress and please than New York editors, so my early juvenilia came winging back from the New Yorker offices with charming little rejection notes (I suspect from the tone of these notes that my correspondents knew they were dealing with an eight-year-old, and then with a twelve-year-old, and so on--my poems and stories weren't exactly Archy and Mehitabel caliber).

Winner of the 2011 Dark Oak Mystery Contest, my novel NICE WORK is the first installment in the Jacquidon and Chantal Carroll traditional mystery series. It is a July 2012 release from Oak Tree Press.

LITTLE RITUALS is what I call a literary chick lit novel with paranormal elements. Have you ever met someone who believes she's cursed? The amusing quest on which Daphne Dilbeck embarks when she decides she needs to lift the curse that has ruined her luck will entertain you and make you think about the nature of luck and whether we can control the winds or just trim our sails.

My books are for readers who are kindred spirits. I prefer a book to a film just about any day. If you're the same way, I invite you to sample my work!

Are you a fan of fantasy adventure or YA/MG (young adult/middle grade) fantasy? Check out my alter ego, Shalanna Collins, also an Amazon author with an Amazon page!

Nice Work
Jacquidon Carroll has problems. She's diagnosed with diabetes and laid off from her job the same week...[read more]