A Perception of Murder  by Carl Tiktin


Evan Dorchester, stuck in a mid-level job at an insurance agency, has come up with a way to beat the tedium of actuarial tables and legalese. He’s invented a shadow company, The Good Fortune Insurance Company, and under an alias as its rep, he contacts his real employer’s clients who have taken insurance policies which enrich their companies upon the death of a partner or key employee. “What’s it worth to you,” he asks them, “to guarantee that the insured is deceased by a [date certain]?”

It’s a wonderful prank which Evan delights in performing most days from the lobby pay phones of his office…then one day, Evan gets the news that he has been found out, and he realizes the joke is now on him.

* * *

“... a masterpiece of the genre...the main character  spirals into complicity and danger like Brian Cranston's Walter White in Breaking Bad...and a perfectly pitched twist at the end that it becomes one of those works that one hates to finish.”

―John Weir Close, author and  award-winning editor at The American Lawyer

* * *

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