of Harts: A Spaghetti Rice Mystery, by Michael Eldridge

Retired Italian homicide detective, Frank Borelli, has started a P.I. firm with retired Chinese call girl, Ming Li Chow. They call the company, Spaghetti Rice Investigations, with their motto is; “When No One Else Can help” Frank deals with his wacky Italian family and Ming Li has a 10 year-old son, who is the off-spring of the local head of the Chinese Mafia in Boston. Since retiring, Ming Li has achieved a double-black belt in Tai Kwan Do, taken courses in criminal forensics, and become extremely efficient in the use of many firearms and weapons. She is a force to reckon with. Frank brings 30 years of police work (22 as a homicide detective.) He is a crack shot with his Glock .45 automatic, has a black belt in 9-iron, and is a scratch golfer.

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