OLHA, by Olga Horn

Olha goes back in time to the tenth century, when the Tatars, Mongols and Turkish hordes roamed the steppes of Ukraine, only to find herself as the youngest spirited daughter of Rurik, ruler of Novgorod. Rurik dotes on his daughter, even letting her fence with his guards and learn martial arts. When Rurik informs Olha that she is to marry the Prince of Halych, she refuses. Given no choice in the matter, Olha reluctantly complies with her father's wishes. No one has ever bested her in cunningness, swiftness and wit, until she meets Uri, the most arrogant, domineering, handsome, red-blooded man she ever saw. Olha is aware of Uri's reluctance to marry, but must find a way to prevail without loosing her independence. Olha will need all her skills to out-maneuver and outwit her future husband before they reach Halych.

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