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Reluctant Assassin, by Ken Oxman

Meet U.S. Navy Lieutenant Nathan Blake. He’s a government hit man, one of the best…and he wants out. It’s December 1941 and America is at war.

Blake wants to fight the war as a sea-going officer, but he is much too good at killing up close and his covert navy department will do what is necessary to keep him busy.

He’s deceived into eliminating a lascivious Nazi general in North Africa, who has got hold of information damaging to the Allies, and a top German double agent in Singapore who wants to expose the Allies Far-Eastern spy network.

While in Singapore Blake searches for Abby Sinclair, the girl he fell in love with in London and who is now in the country on a clandestine mission with her boss. They are all caught up in the Singapore’s humiliating defeat by a merciless Japanese army. Their escape gives Blake a chance to finally go sailor over assassin – and lands them in the greatest danger of all. 

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