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http://oaktreebooks.com/CF%20-%20Spooky%20Tells.jpgSpooky Tells, by Tanis Rush

Sarah “Spooky” Knight, a clairvoyant private detective and Detective Michael Balcher of Las Vegas Police Department are thrown together in a suspenseful race to outwit The Ice Man, a dangerous man who stumbled upon Spooky’s deepest secret -- the fact that she can teleport. When he corners Spooky on a casino rooftop, Balcher tries to save her, but they are forced over the edge. In a mid-fall rescue, Spooky grabs onto Balcher and teleports them back to her bedroom. The process indelibly entwines them -- through perils and trials and a few sensual escapades, they eventually master their newfound power and turn it against The Ice Man.



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