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The New Romantics, by Richard Marranca

Ten Stories of Mystery, Passion, Travel and Vampires 

Reviews of The New Romantics:

 Coffin of K is a nicely crafted story with mythical roots, tragedy and renewal. After a long separation, the man and woman reconnect. I liked it a lot. It’s full of deep longing for authentic art and love. I would recommend this.

--Peter Matthiessen, National Book Award Winner, author of Snow Leopard and At Play in the Fields of the Lord, co-founder of The Paris Review

 The story about Roxana, the yogi and Alexander is full of joy, wonder, and mystical experience -- a meeting of East and West. It has an exotic location and the aura of history. When reading this, I wondered if this is a totally new creation or if you were working off of some ancient account. I suspect it’s both.

–Huston Smith, author of The World’s Religions, Tales of Wonder, etc., who also appeared in Bill Moyers’ ‘Wisdom of Faith’ (PBS)


“Reading Richard's stories always touch something deep inside me, a longing for the mystical in the ordinary, for a deeper meaning in our everyday lives. If you're ready to embrace the unknown, these stories will take you on a fantastic ride!“

--Xenia Melzer, Author of the Gods of War series, published by DreamSpinnerPress

 “Baltimore’s Vampire Culture chronicles the eerie encounter between an unassuming urban family and a pair of elderly vampires/vampire slayers... to be transported to an exotic land with fiendish characters, look no further than his Bangkok Underworld. In The Language of Flight, we are taken on a harrowing journey through the psyche of  a disillusioned actor turned self-loathing caterer/bartender…”

 --Clarisa Mercado, student at Passaic County Community College

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