Tink's Tank, by Gary Best

Tink's Tank chronicles the adventures of the crew members of a U.S. Eighth Air Force B-17 during WW II. The narrator tells his tale in response to a request from his granddaughter who is enrolled in a college course about the history of WW II. He tells her about each of his fellow crew members, the people they meet during their war time experiences in England, the locale for most of the story.

 Crew members of Tank’s Tank find themselves involved in experiences in London and between themselves that transform each as they fight to stay alive in air battles that test their courage and stamina as a crew. It is more than a coming-of-age story and more than a story of the air war over Europe—It is the interactions and connections of events, people, fact and fiction that foment growth, change and deliverance from the past. Tink's Tank takes one on an adventure and returns the reader to post-war life through twist and turns in the epilogue.

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