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http://oaktreebooks.com/FC%20Wild%20Justice.jpgWild Justice, by B. A. Kelly

Not since Butch and Sundance have there been two such likable characters, but, likable or not, and even though they're innocent, Rin Cutter and his partner Ben Santiago are all set to hang for killing Ty Madden in a poker game. When they escape and become involved with beautiful, independent Tory Trent, also on the run for something she is falsely accused of, the chase is on. Throughout their headlong flight, from the eastern slopes of the Colorado Rockies to Santa Fe, the three fugitives encounter Apaches, bounty hunters and old—and sometimes treacherous—friends, including a horse with a mind of his own. And to complicate matters, it looks like Cutter and Santiago are falling in love with Tory.


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