My Dad's the Wrestling Coach, by W. V. Quarters

All Kristen Brockport wants is for her father, the legendary local high school wrestling coach, to stop destroying her burgeoning social life with his intimidating stares and grumpy disposition. She truly loves her dad, especially since her mom walked out on them without warning years before, but his reputation and general demeanor have caused her problems no high school freshman should ever face. When she develops a teenage crush on his new assistant coach, Mitch, Kristen decides to join her father’s wrestling team, against his stern wishes, but as the season progresses, Kristen forgets about Mitch, and instead focuses more on mysterious senior standout Cal who is hiding a tragic, dark secret. All is going well until her cancer-ravaged mother returns to rekindle their relationship and Kristen is placed in the middle of an awkward reunion. As the championship match unfolds against her dad’s hated rival, Kristen is forced to actually wrestle in the deciding match, a nightmare she never imagined. More importantly, however, she is forced to face some harsh realities about her family and, ultimately, herself.

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