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Something to Die for, by Robert Richter

Cotton Waters is a gringo expatriate in exile on the Mexican west coast, an illegal alien and ex-political activist with old and unresolved legal problems in the U.S. Known to his cantina buddies as "Algo," or Something  in Spanish, for years he's scrounged a lazy fishing village lifestyle and a little beer money out of the Puerto  Vallarta tourist trade as tour guide, cultural consultant, and a private hustler of a Mexican Riviera lost-and-found--helping some people get lost and finding others--if the price is right or the client's cause worth the time and interest.

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"Richter immerses the reader into the rarely seen wilds of Mexico, ... crosses genres between international mystery and politically oriented literary fiction...Waters could be an interesting character to build a mystery series around."—CA Reviews

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Clearly, Robert Richter is a master of raw and fresh description, frequently done with sardonic humor; but he is also capable of lyrical passages that capture evanescent beauty; Something Like a Dream is one of those rare novels that lift me up into a superb literary experience... Well, it must be obvious by now I’ve gotten hooked on Robert Richter’s character Cotton ‘Algo’ Waters and his adventures in western Mexico."

—James Tipton, Book Review Editor, MexConnect.com


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