Cop Tales
Beyond Recognition
The memoir of Ronald Corbin, a former Army combat helicopter pilot and Vietnam veteran...[read more]
Blue Ice
Will Jade’s life end up “On the Rocks”, like the dark song she’s writing? Or will she seek the truth...[read more]
By Force or Fear
The shocking end to a hostage situation brings a courageous Sheriff’s Deputy to...[read more]
Code Two 'n' A Half
Come along with me and share one cop’s view of one heck of an interesting career in the "City of Angels."...[read more]
Coming Flu
When a mysterious flu breaks out in La Bendita, the lives of its residents change radically...[read more]
COP: A Novel 2000
Original fiction and non-fiction police stories...[read more]
Days on the Beach
Oakland PD Officers Bull Brewster and Tex-Mex Garcia get the job done, but...[read more]
The Electric Sewer: War Stories of the NYC Transit Police
Trebor Nehoc has worked all over the New York City subway. And...[read more]
Felons, Flames and Ambulance Rides
In 1995, New York State Police Captain Roger Fulton had an idea...The result was the Police Writers Club...[read more]

Green Ice
Brooke Breckenridge, Special Agent Jack Strickland and Native American Shadow Wolf, Ed Red Wind, plunge...[read more]
Ignore the Pain
Sara Almquist couldn’t say no when invited to be the epidemiologist on a public health mission to Bolivia. ...[read more]
Intent to Hold
Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Ryan answers a call from his estranged wife in Mexico...[read more]
The Last of the Railroad Police
In the 1950s, Chicago was a great railroad center, and its Proviso yard was the largest in the world....[read more]
Lincoln 9
Lincoln 9 follows the career of Lieutenant Scott Hunter, the consummate cop who rises...[read more]
In Malignancy, men disguised as police officers shoot at Sara Almquist twice in one day....[read more]
Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight
Someone in this southwestern medical school doesn’t like women--two have been murdered...[read more]
No Evidence of a Crime
As Washington, D.C. detectives investigate the murder of a beautiful, young congressional aide shot dead near the Capital Mall...[read more]
The Fourth Rule  
An Ocean in the Desert Beyond Recognition Code Two 'n' A Half Dancer A Novella
Healer Intent to Hold Malignancy The Sacrifice
Saints & Sinners Scrafitto Strangers Lovers and the Winds of Time