Paranormal Books

Druids is a medieval fantasy adventure of an isolated lad born with an eerie sense that earns him the suspicion and contempt of those who fail to see it as...[read more]
Eagle Rising
Still mourning her fiance, Rachael’s editor sends her to cover a New Age novelist in Sedona, where she meets Derek, who is also coping with grief. Mystery and intrigue leads them to the desert...[read more]

Evening of the Dragonfly
Threatening telephone calls and strange cars with dark-tinted windows plague artist/teacher Farrah Ferand. Recovering from the tragic loss of her mother, Farrah is trying to adapt to...[read more]

Ghost Writer
When unemployed computer programmer Nan Burton inherits a California beach cottage from her great-great-aunt, she’s delighted. But she’s in for a huge surprise:
[read more]
Hearts Across Forever
Kathryn Calder's unexpected job assignment to Jamaica changes her life. From the moment she arrives, she is haunted by odd memories of a distant...[read more]
In Franklin's House
In an isolated, turn-of-the-last century house on a No.California hillside, Kate steps into a deserted room that exudes a strange appeal. Based largely on her reaction, she decides to...[read more]
Jungle Jeopardy
When Dana realizes Clifton is missing, she takes off for Costa Rica to find him. An apparent kidnapping turns into a jungle adventure...[read more]

Lingering Spirit
After her police officer husband is killed in the line of duty, Nicole Ainsworth struggles with the changes forced on...[read more]

Night Watch
From the moment Lily’s plane lands in tropical Trinidad, things go awry. She planned for rest, relaxation and photography...[read more]
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Scratch is a chilling tale of loyalty, friendship, and courage – set in the mysterious world of feral cats. It also contains reflections of how cultures too often...[read more]
Secrets by the Sea
Stunned to learn that her grandfather’s body had washed onto an Antigua beach, a victim of foul play, Dana Sinclair leaves immediately for the exotic place...[read more]
Spooky Tells
Sarah “Spooky” Knight, a clairvoyant private detective and Detective Michael Balcher of Las Vegas Police Department are thrown...[read more]
The V V Agency
Imagine a dash of Philip Marlowe wrapped in an urban fantasy. The V V Agency is a paranormal mystery that spoofs the PI subgenre...[read more]