Oak Tree Books Prospective Authors

The defining difference between a BEST-SELLING BOOK and a poorly selling title is very often the difference between an organized, targeted Book Promotion campaign and a hit-and-miss effort.

After almost twenty years in the book business OTP has launched 400+ books. We have seen what works. We have also seen the disappointing results of scatter-shot efforts, or worse, no efforts at all.

You have spent months, and even years, writing your book. Give it its best chance to do well in the marketplace by investing in some professional book promotion products?

Review our Book Marketing products designed to develop a targeted book promotion campaign.

1.  Blog Book Tour

2.  Social Media Publicist

3.  Author Blog Set Up

4.  Author Newsletter

5. Author Website

6. Promotional Materials

7. Press Release or Book Announcement









1. Book Blog Tour  $79.00

A BOOK TOUR is the perfect way to introduce your new book to potential readers! Using the Information Super Highway is much more doable than getting on the interstate, which makes a BOOK BLOG TOUR the perfect solution! 

On your 5-Day Blog tour, we will arrange for you to be featured on five blogs, and assist you in composing the feature piece for each blog host. If needed, we will assist you in sending your post, cover image, and author pic and bio to each host. We will teach you how to respond to comments on the blog.

Many authors offer a giveaway as part of their blog tour....you may want to do this also.


2. Social Media Publicist (6 month agreement $499)

  - Facebook - create fan page if needed, or guide you in updating your existing page. Join Facebook groups, create posts and assist you with growing your friends list.

 - Twitter - create posts and develop your network by increasing followers and following.

 - Instagram - create account, add pictures that you provide. Use captions and hashtags to expand your network.

You may wish to consider these add-ons...

  - Goodreads - add title details to the site. Add your author pic and bio to the author's page. Develop Goodreads lists and other activities to increase your network.

  - Library Thing - add title details to the site. Add author pic and bio to your author's page. Develop Library Thing lists and other activity to increase your network.

  - Amazon Author Page - add author pic and bio and cover image to Amazon's Author Page.


3. Author Blog set up $249 

Share your book experience and snippets of your life with your own blog.  Let us create your blog with images of you and your cover when it is ready. This will include your first four posts, including the announcement of the new posts to social media.  Choose the apps you would like. We recommend an option for readers to join your blog, RSS, Blog Roll, and a slide show to start.  This will have you up and running when your book is published and you are ready for your blog tour.  We can help you set up a give away to increase readership.


4. Author Newsletter six month agreement $249

A newsletter will keep your family, friends, and fans up to date with the progress of your book. With the convience of email, this is a handy and effective form of outreach. You can use a sign-up widget on your blog or web site to expand your email list. Several of OTP's most successful authors as well as a number of big name authors send monthly newsletters.


5. Author Website  $349

An Author Website is the author's home base. From a website, you can showcase your books and sell them directly to readers. You can shine a spotlight on your personal appearances. A website will allow you to introduce your speaking services or other specialized services.

      Our Author Website package includes:

      Domain Name Registration

      One year of hosting

     Homepage - featuring your book cover, promotional copy, and a link to buy

      About Page - showing your full bio and writing credits and any author pics you may wish to include, plus covers and other information on previous book you've written

      Flex Page - the content here can be personalized to your preferences. You may want to list your forthcoming personal appearances. You can include review blurbs on your books, or excerpts of your books.

All of the above for $349.

(For revisions and updates or additional pages, please ask us for a quote!)



6.  Promotional Materials

 Most people are delighted to meet an author and would appreciate something which with to remember you. The most popular are business cards (with the book cover on the front and other information on the back), post cards and bookmarks.

Email to discuss printing options and for a quote.


7. Press Release or Book Announcement  $79

We will compose a Press Release detailing the news about your book and distribute it at an optimum time. Sending a press release at the debut of your book or when announcing a personal appearance is a good way to draw attention to your title and to your event.

A Book Announcement is similar to a Press Release. A Press Release is directed to media outlets, and a Book Announcement is directed to book retailers.