Submission Guidelines

Oak Tree Press is not accepting submissions at this time.

Oak Tree Press is an independent publisher that has been in business for more than 15 years and has published more than 300 books.  

We consider fiction and non-fiction in a variety of genres, although our special emphasis (and expertise ) is publishing mysteries, crime fiction, suspense, police procedurals, and books by and about other public safety personnel. 

We also occasionally publish romances, westerns, children's books and some young adult work. 

 We are less likely to be interested in poetry, supernatural themes, non-fiction including textbooks, technical manuals, self help, cookbooks, coffee table books, or collections of essays, business related books or books on politics or religion. 

We basically never publish sci-fi, fantasy, porn, erotica or anything that is overloaded with obscenities, racism, inflammatory language or depicts gratuitous violence. 

We are also unlikely to publish the work of authors who do not live in North America, as we have found the legal and logistical issues involved in international marketing are difficult for a small press.   

Since we do not ask our authors to contribute financially to the production costs needed to bring out the book, we limit our acquisitions to writers who are enthusiastic and able to promote their work.  While experience and expertise in marketing is not a requirement, what will be expected is the ability to work with our marketing staff to create and execute a long-range marketing plan.

Our target length is 70-90,000 words.

In order to be considered, please make sure your submission includes the following:

1.  A one-page cover letter describing briefly who you are, why you decided to write this book and who you think the market for the book would be.
2.  A one-page synopsis of the book.  The synopsis should include;
    a.  Title
    b.  Word Count
    c.  two-three paragraph summary of the book.  
3.  A one-page biography that also highlights any other works of yours that have been published as well as any pertinent marketing experience you may have had.
4.  The first 20 pages of your book

Your submission should be in a Microsoft Word document.  Your 20 pages should be double-spaced.

If after reading your synopsis, biography and first 20 pages we are interested in your work, we will ask you to complete a marketing evaluation that will assess what resources you will bring to the process involved in marketing the book.

At this time, we will also request a full manuscript and will expect it to be substantially error-free, and comply with our STYLE guide.,  which we will make available to you.  Thus, we suggest that before you consider submitting a query you have your book carefully edited.

Because we always have many manuscripts in process, you should expect that it will take 30-60 days for us to review your manuscript and marketing questionnaire.